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    Return to The Road Vehicle Check

    • Includes our approved covid sanitation kit (usual price £9.99)
    • Make sure your vehicle is safe post lockdown
    • Trained technicians will carry out a full check
    • Lights, tyres, vital fluid levels, brakes, suspension and exhaust checks
    • Piece of mind after a long period off the road

    What's included?

    Steering and Suspension

    • Suspension safety check

    Tyres and Wheels

    • Tyre safety check


    • Lights checked


    • Fluid level check


    • Exhaust safety check

    Return to the Road

    With lockdown restrictions coming to an end, you may be thinking about planning trips to see family and days out with the kids, or simply just getting back to your daily commute to the office. 

    As many cars have been sitting idly on driveways throughout lockdown, with only a short trip to the shop or DIY store to contend with, you may feel anxious about getting back out on the road.

    Whilst modern cars are designed to only need a minimum amount of maintenance, they don’t fare well to being stood for long periods of time… From seized brake pads and corroded brake discs, to under inflated tyres and overdue servicing, they all inflate the risk of a breakdown.

    Thankfully, Motormech are here to help and can offer a post lockdown vehicle check for just £19.99.

    Our trained Technicians will carry out a full check on all safety aspects of your car including lights, tyres, vital fluid levels, brakes, suspension and exhaust system. 

    We will also perform a full battery condition check.

    And that’s not all, we will also sanitise your car with our approved covid sanitation kit (usual price £9.99)

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